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What Is Punctuation and How Can It Save Your Life?

Did you know that punctuation could save lives? Compare the two following sentences:

  • Let’s eat grandma!
  • Let’s eat, grandma!

As you can see, a coma in the second sentence saves grandmother’s life. Even though this is, of course, only a joke, punctuation truly saves if not your life, then at least your excellent grades. Let’s check this punctuation definition and the main punctuation rules for writing stellar papers and avoiding misunderstandings.
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Business Research Papers: Explore Market Status and Future Jobs

Business research papers can open up all sorts of new vistas for students, as well as garnering good grades. The investigation you do in preparation for a business research paper can uncover career options that you might not have considered, or help you rule out others. Naturally, your professor’s assignment will channel your direction substantially, but in almost any such exercise there is room to reflect your own curiosity. Most instructors are pleased when a student takes on a business research paper with genuine personal interests at heart. Let’s look at some approaches that might help make the task more exciting for you.
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Education Coursework How-To – A Complete Guide to Flawlessness

Writing an education coursework has always been a challenge for the majority of students, though for different reasons. Some student feel that this writing process is complex due to the strong emphasis on the critical reflection about the educational process, other do not like writing education courseworks because they feel not enough competent to speak about education from the viewpoint of a detached observer.

Source of Inspiration for Education Courseworks
If you do not know what to write about in your education coursework, you should consult the sources that have already won a stable reputation of universal, viable, and comprehensive sources of knowledge about education. They always contain a multitude of ideas for courseworks about education, and you can study all of them to find the right ideas for you.
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Creative Essay Topics that Can Help you Beat Tight Deadline

Creative essays are, perhaps, not meant for all students. Those with poor background in literature will be in serious trouble finding a suitable topic for creative essay assignment. At some point in time, even the literature gurus experience difficulties when it comes to choosing a topic to complete a creative essay paper. Apparently, it is not all about being creative, but having a good idea to get you going.
Writing creative essays can be real fun, but this task can also be so stressful, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Besides, choosing a suitable topic is a big challenge to most students. Until you find that perfect topic, you will not be able to commence on writing. You must have something to write in your essay.

Finding a perfect topic for your creative essay

  • Begin by being enthusiastic. At least write down your name on the paper.
  • Move on to thinking about anything that is interesting, fascinating, amusing, comical, pestering, perturbing, or thought provoking.
  • Write the ideas down in paper as you contemplate over them. Before you know it, you would have created a long list of topics.
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Management Term Paper Format to Ensure High Marks for Students

Students who have been assigned a management term paper often quake with fear at the thought of writing it. Management term papers have a reputation of being complex and difficult documents. However, management term papers are no more complicated than a term paper in any other subject. The difference with term papers in management is that they must demonstrate to your professor that you understand how to think like a manager. Thus, a management term paper needs to showcase the appropriate skills you will need to manage and motivate people under your charge. If you have been assigned a term paper in management, consider the following format guidelines for some help and insight into the process:

  • Begin your paper with an executive summary. This short section functions much like an abstract for a research paper. Its purpose is to summarize the content of the paper. Once you have graduated and enter the work world, you will find that most managers do have time to read full reports; therefore, many of them rely on a well written and comprehensive executive summary to give them the gist of the report. Demonstrate to your professor that you understand the value of an executive summary.
  • Structure your paper into clearly organized sections using effective headings. Centre them in bold font and use appropriate non-academic language to write them. Headings needs to highlight the importance of the section for the reader, for example, Financials, or Overview of the Business Case, or Panic in Q4. A good heading grabs attention and ensures that the section will be read. Read more
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Philosophy Term Paper: Writing Hints for Students Seeking Help

philosophy-term-paperPhilosophy term paper writing is a very essential academic undertaking, not only in the discipline of Philosophy, but also in other academic fields. Writing fine term papers in Philosophy will cost you much time, great efforts, and even money.
Some students find Philosophy classes very boring, not to mention their regrets for having picked this course in the first place. Unfortunately, their hate for the subject cannot prevent them from completing a Philosophy term paper. Therefore what is most important is to understand how papers are written. This article will help you acquire the necessary writing skills to enable you complete Philosophy term papers.

How to write a term paper in Philosophy

Read extensively on the Subject
Reading on the subject before you start writing prepares your mind for the writing process. You need to acquire ideas and good knowledge on what you want to discuss.
Answer nothing but the question
Your paper will be addressing the assignment question to the best of knowledge. After extensive reading, you should be in a better position to tackle the question in its totality.
Is your Philosophy question Evaluative or Expository?
Expository questions require that you explain the views and arguments brought forth in the context of your research. Evaluative Philosophy questions require you to present your own Philosophical argument. Accompany your arguments with supporting evidence.
How should the Introduction be written?
Most students do not know how to write the introduction part of Philosophy term papers. What you need to know is that introduction should not begin with a general statement. Make the statement short and very precise. Brief the reader on the subject matter of your paper.
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Bibliography Page: Tips and Rules That You Need to Consider

bibliography-pageMany students believe that writing a bibliography page is the last and least important task. However, they should remember that even a well-written paper can receive a lower grade if it has inaccurate references. The tips offered in this article will help you avoid many problems with bibliography pages. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful.

Bibliography Page: How to Name It

First of all, many students might not know how to name this page. Some people even believe that it is always called a bibliography. Yet, people need to remember that such pages can be titled in different ways, depending on the citation style that is used. These are the titles that you should use for a bibliography page, according to the main citation styles:

  1. Harvard – References;
  2. Modern Language Association or MLA – Works Cited;
  3. American Psychological Association (APA) – Reference List;
  4. ACS (the American Chemical Society) style – Reference List;
  5. Oxford – Bibliography or Reference list. This citation style distinguishes between these two notions. The term bibliography refers to the sources that a person consulted when writing a paper. By contrast, the reference list includes only those sources which were cited in the paper.

Bibliography Page: The Major Components of an Entry

If you want to write an excellent bibliography page, you should make sure that every entry has all its necessary components. Certainly, your papers can be written according to various citation styles, and you may have to use different sources, but there are several elements which are normally present in all citation styles. Here are the most important ones:
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Interesting Informative Speech Topics: 25 Perfect Ideas

interesting-informative-speech-topicInformative speech topics can be found anywhere. Just look around – any object or processs can become a good topic for an informative speech. However, if you are looking for an interesting informative speech topic, you may need some time to find a good idea and develop it. Alternatively, you may look through this list of 25 original and fun informative speech topics for your presentation that will surely get your creativity going and impress your audience.

Interesting informative speech topics: Business

  1. People: Steve Jobs as a business genius of our time.
  2. Events: Campaigns against tobacco advertising.
  3. Processes: Aggressive marketing strategies used by Coca-Cola.
  4. Concepts: Modern business cycle theory.

Interesting informative speech topics: Ethics

  1. People: Aristotle and his works inspiring generations.
  2. Events: New laws fighting online trafficking (SOPA and PIPA).
  3. Processes: Social media blurring the lines between personal and professional relations.
  4. Concepts: Does utilitarianism necessarily lead to the conclusion that ends always justify the means?

Interesting informative speech topics: Psychology

  1. People: Sigmund Freud and his influence on science and art.
  2. Events: The invention of the lie detector.
  3. Processes: Groundhog Day syndrome in adults.
  4. Concepts: The color wheel model of love by John Lee.

Interesting informative speech topics: Literature

  1. People: William Shakespeare and the question of the authorship of his writings.
  2. Events: Representation of the Civil War in Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
  3. Processes: The shift from modernism to postmodernism.
  4. Concepts: The death of the author as a literature theory of Roland Barthes.

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Poetry Analysis: Best Way to Make Your Success Guaranteed

poetry-analysisYou might read a poem, shed a couple of tears and conclude: “This poem is about hope. I really like it.” So, your poetry analysis essay is done. Right? Wrong! If you are overwhelmed with emotions and cannot find the words or simply want to discover a simple but effective method of poetry analysis, check this guide to ensure your success in Literature courses.

Poetry analysis: main components

Poetry analysis answers several important questions:

  • What is the meaning of the poem?
  • What tools did the author use?
  • What is your impression as a reader?

The main components of poetry analysis are your interpretation of poet’s messages and a detailed discussion of the poem’s form, imagery and language devices. You may find more details, terms and even valuable phrases for your poetry analysis essay in the following sections.

Poetry analysis: interpretation

A clear understanding of the poem is essential to its analysis. To analyze a poem, you should:

  1. Read the poem at least twice;
  2. consult a dictionary if there are any unknown words;
  3. define the main theme and the rest of the plot lines;
  4. paraphrase the poem, using your own words;
  5. evaluate the author’s tone and attitude.

Some valuable phrases you may use for this part are (just complete these sentences):

  • The interpretations of the poem (title) by (author) vary from reader to reader, but the main theme deals with…
  • In the first two lines of the poem, the author presents…
  • However, in the next stanza, the author states that…
  • The main idea of this poem is that…

Poetry analysis: form

Most poets are geniuses and can find not only rhymes, but also special forms to make their poems work better. When writing an analysis of poetry, make sure to mention the following aspects:

  1. Rhyme scheme;
  2. stanzas;
  3. syntax.

For instance, you may want to take a closer look at the form of the poem Hope Is the Thing with Feathers by Emily Dickinson:
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Creative Writing Topics: Check Out This Collection of Superb Ideas!

creative-writing-topicsDo you have to develop your own topics for creative writing? Don’t worry – an Expert Writer is here to help you!
Creative Writing Topics: Brainstorming Incredible Ideas for You!
There’s something you have to know about creative writing – topics for it don’t come out of nowhere. Think big – and you’ll succeed in creating your own topic!
Take a look at the Creative Writing Topics Generator – it’s 100% clockwork that’ll help you create the most fantastic topics ever! Here it goes:
The issue/person in question: the explanation + additional details.
Let’s see how this scheme works in real life – take a closer look at some of the best topics ever!
Creative Writing Topics Exclusively for You: Check Out These Ideas!
You’re in for a load of fun – get ready to see the most fabulous and fantastic writing ideas ever for your creative writing!
Creative Writing Topics for Kids:

  • The Qualities of the Best Cartoon Character Ever: Describe Your Hero;
  • If I Were Harry Potter/Hermione… Living in a Fairytale;
  • What if the World Was Upside Down;
  • If I Was Sailing to the Treasure Island, What I Would See There;
  • The Most Extraordinary Pet in the World: Chameleons, Piglets… Pet Tigers?

Creative Writing Topics for Middle School:

  • A Day in the Life of a Toy: The Problems of a Puppet;
  • Wearing Your Opponent’s Shoes: One Day in the Shoes of Your Enemy;
  • Being a Genius: Bliss or Curse?

Creative Writing Topics about Personalities Who Should Be More Famous:

  • Patch Adams and Gesundheit!institute: Believing in Miracles;
  • Derek Paravicini’s Incredible Miracle: Savants as They Are;
  • What’s There Behind That Funny Face? Rowell Atkins and His Comic Alter Ego;

Creative Writing Topics on Child Development:

  • Recalling the Earliest Memories: Awaking from a Long Dream;
  • Adults World from a Child’s Perspective. Something People Do not See;
  • Growing up: Losing Much, Finding Even More;
  • Parent-Child Relationships. Child’s Tips for Grown-ups;
  • What Is the Point of Fairytales? Understanding the Way Fantasy Works;

Creative Writing Topics: Think up Your Story!

  • A Man Who Decided to Become Ideal: The Story of a Lifelong Surprise;
  • Creating a Test and Passing It: The Curious Public Meets the Inventor;
  • The Argument That Led to the World’s Most Fantastic discovery: Witness the Miracle;
  • The Story of a Shop Dummy: A World Through the Window;

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