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How to Write a Short Story Book Report

short story book reportWriting a short story book report is quite easy. You just have to read a story, think it over and make a plan to follow. Below, there are guidelines that will help you create a worthwhile short story book report.

  1. Choose a story
  2. If your tutor did not specify any, choose your favorite story. It is very important for you to be interested in what you will be writing about.

  3. Decide on the manner of writing
  4. It is up to you whether your short story book report will be written in a literary, formal or scientific language. However, you should keep to the chosen manner of writing throughout the whole report.

  5. Write a brief introduction
  6. After you choose a certain style, you are ready to introduce the story for discussion. If you use a literary language in the short story book review, you can start with some rhetorical questions. You can also use aphorisms or quotations for this purpose.

  7. Present the plot of the story briefly
  8. Tell about the main characters and events.

  9. Tell about the author’s main idea

    What did the author want to show in the story? Answer this question and write about it in your short story book report.

  10. Tell about your impressions from the story
  11. What emotions did the story call in you? Did you like it? Did it leave you indifferent?

  12. Criticize or recommend others to read the story
  13. It will be the final part of your short story book report.

Short story book reports should be revised and edited. Pay special attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word use while editing the short story book report.
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