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PhD Dissertation Proposal: Specific Guidelines for Writing

Writing PhD dissertation proposals, students should be aware of the information that they may spend much time and effort before handing in a paper. We decided to provide students with the specific information on PhD dissertation proposal writing.
With the purpose to give students the most necessary and credible information, we conducted a research and asked for consultation about the problem how PhD dissertation proposals should be written. The professional writers who deal with such tasks every day agreed to share their personal experience and introduced us with their knowledge. We, in turn, want to deliver their message to students who try to cope with the task now.
Guide for writing PhD dissertation proposals

  1. Students should conduct a research and check the topic they want to discuss. It is necessary to understand whether the topic is widespread or not, whether there was any discussion or not and it is going to be a student’s original research.
  2. Students should check the structure of their PhD dissertation proposals. It is significant to remember that the major parts of PhD dissertation proposal are the introduction, the problem statement, the literature review, the methodology, the outcomes and significance, the timelines, the figures or tables, if necessary, and the bibliography.
  3. Then, students should conceptually divide 20 pages of the PhD dissertation proposal (the required norm) and consider how may pages each part is going to cover.
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300 Words about Writing a Dissertation Proposal

dissertation proposalWriting a dissertation proposal is one of the first steps to the completion of your graduation project. Do you need help with writing a dissertation proposal? Then read the information presented below.
A dissertation proposal is a description of your graduation project. It is groundwork of your future research. Dissertation proposal writing depends mostly on the requirements set by the dissertation committee and your supervisor.
Before you start writing a dissertation proposal, you need to realize the importance of this work. So, let us talk about the purposes of writing a dissertation proposal:

  • To persuade the dissertation committee that you have a research question that is worth attention;
  • To show the importance of investigating your topic;
  • To prove that you ARE READY to conduct research and disclose this question;
  • To get an approval from the dissertation committee.

Before you start writing a dissertation proposal, make sure that:

  • You are knowledgeable enough about the chosen field of study;
  • You have enough time to complete all the work planned;
  • You know the requirements for writing a dissertation proposal and the dissertation itself.


Dissertation Writing: Sources of Information

dissertation writingDear Reader,
You came here to find some help with writing a dissertation. You will not be sorry about your choice and time spent here, reading this article.
Surely, dissertation writing is a long term process that involves numerous steps and stages. You should realize that this short article cannot describe the whole process of dissertations writing with all its minor details. So, let us focus on the most important issue of writing a dissertation – resources for your dissertation.
Here is a list of resources that helped many students over the world conduct deep dissertation research.

  1. Research libraries: this does not mean you have to literally come to these libraries, but this means you need to visit online research libraries. For example, the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library are famous for the variety of sources they store. There is no need to buy a ticket to New York or Washington D. C. (where the Library of Congress is situated), but you can simply log on to their websites.
  2. Another possible site for writing a dissertation is CARL. This is an abbreviation for Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, and this is a great reliable resource for writing a dissertation, since it has hundreds of scholarly articles organized according to subjects.

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Write an A+ Doctoral Dissertation

doctoral dissertationDo you want to know about the secrets of writing an A+ doctoral dissertation? This article is a simple handout, which may help you create a great doctoral dissertation and get your desirable degree.
The main issues as for the necessary requirements for writing a doctoral dissertation are presented here. This time I want not only to concentrate your attention on the actual process of writing your doctoral dissertation, but also tell you about some other requirements you should pay attention to.
Let us talk about some points, which are extremely important for your work:

1.Style of your doctoral dissertation
It is very important to understand that the style of your doctoral dissertation depends on the field your work will be written in. You should pick out the necessary one and get to know more about the requirements. The styles can be: APA, Chicago, MLA, ACS, etc…
2.Content of your doctoral dissertation.
The content of your doctoral dissertation can vary. What we mean is that the number of chapters your doctoral dissertation should include might differ. Thus, you should talk to your supervisor, who will inform you on the requirements for the length of your project. Also, he/she will specify the chapters to be presented in your work. Read more

How Should the Dissertation Title Look Like?

dissertation titleIf you want your dissertation paper to be of great interest to many people, you should think about the possibilities to make your work better. You should think how you can attract their attention and what should be done in order not to make their reading boring.
I think that the first thing, you should think about, is the dissertation title. Try to use all your creativeness and abilities so as to make the dissertation title on a high level. Why the dissertation title? Because it is the first thing the readers pay attention to. So, if you want to grab their attention, you are to do your best.
This article can be useful for you, since here we try to raise the ideas, which can improve your dissertation title and make it more attractive! Do not be lazy and read this article up to the end.
So, your dissertation title peculiarities…

  1. Dissertation title should consist of one sentence, which presents the main issue that will be discussed in your paper.
  2. Dissertation title should be a complex sentence according to the structure, but not difficult for understanding! Your readers should catch the idea at once – be simple and informative!

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Dissertation Proposal Defense

The dissertation proposal defense is the first step to the dissertation writing. The dissertation proposal defense is an oral speech. You have to present your dissertation proposal in such way, that the dissertation defense committee permits you to conduct your dissertation research. You will have to describe your intentions and prove that your research is really important, in order to persuade the committee to allow you writing your dissertation. If you get the committee’s permission to conduct your research, you should attach two copies of the dissertation proposal to the permission and forward it to the general office. As soon as you do it, you are allowed to begin conducting your dissertation research.
What should you do in order to pass the dissertation proposal defense? How can you get the committee’s permission? Read more