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4 Page Essay Writing: Importance of Word Limitation in a Work

When a student is limited in words, for example, while writing a 4 page essay, some part of work may seem a bit difficult for him/her. It is necessary to choose the best thoughts, use the most successful examples, and involve the reader. There are many different ways of how it is possible to develop a 4 page essay, and in this article, you will find a good and reliable plan on how to organize your thoughts.
You have to divide your 4 page essay into several logical parts and think about word count for each part.
A 4 page essay is usually about 1000 – 1500 words. So, let use evaluate this space:

  1. 150 words – Introduction;
  2. 1200 words – Body:
    • 100 words – general evaluation of a topic;
    • 50 words – 1st idea;
    • 200 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 50 words – 2nd idea;
    • 250 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 50 words – 3rd idea;
    • 200 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 200 words – evaluation of findings;
    • 100 words – personal attitude to an issue;
  3. 150 words – Conclusion.

You need to consider the sources to be used in your 4 page essay.
As a rule, tutors ask to use a number of sources to defend the chosen position. To create a powerful 4 page essay, you have to find and cite interesting sources. Mind the style required for your 4 page essay and cite each source accordingly.
You should use interesting ideas for your 4 page essay.
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Nuclear War Essay: The Most Dangerous Weapons in Our World

There are many dangerous things in our world. However, human beings are considered to be the most dangerous and bloodthirsty predators on the Earth. We should live in harmony with nature because we are living organisms as well as all other representatives of fauna and flora on this planet.
We do not think about the consequences of our actions and we regret when it is too late to change something. People are smart and know how to avoid many unpleasant things. Unfortunately, we rarely use the wisdom of our forefathers and take into account their negative experience of warfare and conflicts that should be solved in a peaceful manner. A nuclear war essay is supposed to be an academic paper about the nuclear or atomic war.
Topics for a Nuclear War Essay
We should bear in mind that consequences of usage of nuclear bombs are irreversible.

  • You should write about the danger of this kind of weapons in your nuclear war essay.
  • You may dwell on the lives of ordinary people before and after the nuclear warfare in your nuclear war essay.
  • Focus on the competition between the global superpowers in terms of the amount of nuclear bombs in your nuclear war essay.
  • Safety of our society is in danger and this cannot be left without any emphasis in your nuclear war essay. Analyze the attitude of ordinary people or the world leaders to the necessity of using nuclear weapons in your nuclear war essay.
  • Discuss some alternative ways other than nuclear weapons for solving different conflicts on the global level in your nuclear war essay.

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Nickel and Dimed Essay: How to Discuss the Book in Your Essay

Writing essays on books is an assignment that many students enjoy. Writing a Nickel and Dimed essay will be very interesting: this book has touched upon several important questions and has been perceived quite controversially. In this article, we offer you some hints on writing a Nickel and Dimed essay.
Nickel and Dimed Essay: Essence
You can write your Nickel and Dimed essay in the form of a book review. Your task will be to:

  1. Provide a summary of the book so that a reader will know what it is about
  2. Evaluate the book from different points of view

Book reviews are valuable because of their authors’ own opinion. Thus, in your Nickel and Dimed essay, you can provide your genuine opinion about the book. Having read people’s reviews on Nickel and Dimed, you will see that there are absolutely opposite opinions about the book.
However, the unwritten law of book review writing states: avoid being absolutely critical. Even if you disliked the book, try to find something that you can evaluate positively in your Nickel and Dimed essay.
Nickel and Dimed Essay: Content
In your Nickel and Dimed essay, you can touch upon the following issues:

  1. Nickel and Dimed as an example of undercover journalism. Do you think that Barbara Ehrenreich’s attempt to undercover was successful?
  2. The book touches upon several issues that are important for many people. In your Nickel and Dimed essay, formulate key ides that the author provides and comment them. Do you agree or disagree with Ehrenreich?
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Medical Ethics Papers: Mind-Blowing Ideas for You

medical ethics paperSo, you are almost desperate to get your medical ethics paper done, and you even think about hiring a professional writer who will prepare this paper for you. Do not hurry! We are sure you exaggerate your troubles a little. With good guidelines, you will be able to finish this medical ethics paper on your own.
At a glance, “medical ethics” sounds too complicated. What you should do first is find the official definition of this term. This definition says that medical ethics is “principles and moral values of proper medical conduct”.
Another step towards a successful completion of your medical ethics paper boils down to clarifying these principles and moral values. You may start with the four main principles of health care ethics:

  1. Autonomy
  2. Justice
  3. Beneficence
  4. Non-maleficence

Now, you know the basics, but it is not time yet to get down to writing your medical ethics paper. You have not come up with a specific topic idea, and we can also help you with this.
Below, you will find rather simple topics to disclose in medical ethics papers.
Medical ethics now and then
If you choose this topic, explain in your medical ethics paper what bio-ethicists were concerned with in 1970s, for instance, and what problems they are concerned with now. How has medical ethics changed?
The biggest medical ethics dilemma
In your medical ethics paper, you may focus on one of the biggest dilemmas in the field of health care nowadays – universal access to health care.
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Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship

Women’s Travel National College Essay ScholarshipDo you like traveling but think it is too expensive and cannot afford it? Would you be happy to get extra money and visit some places of your dream? Well, you know that eventually all dreams come true. Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship can help with your particular dream.
You probably know that there are many scholarships designed to help young women in different fields. Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship is one of them.
If you manage to win Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship, you will get a $1000-2000 award. Still, you know that scholarships are not given to everybody. You need to know all the requirements and, as a rule, write an outstanding essay.
What are some peculiarities of Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship you should know?

  • Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship will be given to a female undergraduate student. Besides, you have to study full time in a four year university.
  • Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship can win a female who has a U.S. Citizenship and is under 27.

As you can guess, writing an essay is obligatory if you want to get such Women’s Travel National College Essay Scholarship. Applicants will have to write a kind of essays on travel. The topic of your essay might sound as follows: “Where and why would you like to travel?” Usually, applicants have to write a 750-1000 word essay.
This writing stage is extremely important. You need to give clear and sound explanations why traveling is significant to you, why you want to visit some particular places, and so on.
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How to Write a Science and Technology Literature Review

technology literature reviewScience and Technology Studies deal with different values that influence technological innovations and scientific research.
If you study this discipline, you can easily get a Baccalaureate or even a Doctoral and Master’s degrees. For this, you need to prepare and defend your own project. For example, a dissertation.
One of the most significant chapters of your STS dissertation is a Science and Technology literature review. This is what we will talk about in this article.
Many students face problems while writing a Science and Technology literature review. Do you want to join them? Hardly! So, pay special attention to the tips given below and consider them while completing the literature review for your Science and Technology dissertation.
Science and Technology Literature Review: Its Essence
A Science and Technology literature review is a discussion of the sources a student used while conducting research and writing the dissertation itself. It is a brief summary of what has been already studied, discussed, proved, and published.
Science and Technology Literature Review: Its Purposes
While writing a Science and Technology literature review, a student should:

  • Highlight theories, statements, etc. known in the chosen field of study;
  • Present what is known about the issue he/she is researching;
  • Underline the weaknesses and possible gaps;
  • Say a few words about scholars and researchers working in the same field.

Science and Technology Literature Review: Its Size
Usually, the size of a literature review depends on the paper itself. If to talk about a dissertation on Science and Technology, a literature review will be a separate full chapter. As a rule, it is about 20 pages. Read more

Examples of Illustration Essays

Are you assigned to write an illustration essay? Do you not know that much about this type of essays to make it stand out? Do you need a couple of illustration essay examples? Then, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find useful information about illustration essay examples. Besides, we will give you an example of an illustration essay here.
In order to clarify what an illustration essay means, let us give you an example of an illustration essay first.
Our Illustration Essay Example
Let us give you an example of an illustration essay about A. Powell Davie’s life philosophy.
“A. Powell Davies strongly believes that life is a chance for people to improve their personalities and souls. He said, “Life is just a chance to grow a soul”. A. Powell considers that life on the Earth exists to unite all people: “The World is now too small for anything but brotherhood.”
About free illustration essays
Before writing you own paper, you might wish to read or look through several samples of illustration essays. Thus, you can use free illustrative essay examples. However, let us warn you of the following:

  • Examples of illustration essays cannot be plagiarized.
  • Illustrative essay examples are not always structured according to the general requirements. That is why it is better to ask your tutor for several reliable examples of illustration essays.
  • An example of an illustration essay is better to search on the official website of some university. We strongly recommend you search for examples of an illustration essay on the websites with .EDU domain.

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Ideas for Essays on Transportation

essays on transportationCan you imagine our life without transport? Is it really possible? We can say for sure that transport is an integral part of our life.
One of the first steam engines was created in far 1700s. It was Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot with his first steam wagon. Now, technologies give us an opportunity to enjoy luxury, first-class cars, cross the world in a matter of hours.
You have a wonderful chance to investigate this topic in essays on transportation. Do you need ideas that you can present in essays on transportation?
Well, our article is a good choice. Right now, we will talk about several brilliant ideas to consider in essays on transportation.
Idea #1 for essays on transportation
Investigate the problems of environmental pollution caused by transport. Is it possible to use only such kinds of transportation that do not affect the environment negatively? Is it Utopia? Develop these ideas in essays on transportation.
Idea #2 for essays on transportation
Study the history of transport development and present the outcomes of your investigation in essays on transportation. Talk about new systems of transportation developed recently.
Are there any means of transportation that can carry people safely, speedily, without polluting the air? Answer this question and speculate upon the reliability of nowadays transport system and concepts in essays on transportation.
Idea #3 for essays on transportation Read more

Tips for Great Essays on the War on Terrorism

essays on the war on terrorismWe suppose that you do not need extra explanations as to the causes of the war on terrorism. However, discussing them in your essay on the war on terrorism is not the best option. Then, what should you do to produce a worthwhile essay on the war on terrorism? What particular issues should be considered to show your awareness of the topic and various skills?
We are going to discuss these aspects in our article. Let us start with answering the following question: how can you get ready for writing an essay on the war on terrorism? Actually, there are several important documents and concepts that you need to know:

  • Patriot Act;
  • Just War theory;
  • Political realism.

So, learn more about these documents.
Now, let us discuss the major purposes that you have to pursue while writing the essay on the war on terrorism. Everything is quite simple here. In your essay on the war on terrorism, you have to analyze this war, evaluate the effectiveness of its means, and decide whether it is justified or not.
In fact, it can be rather a challenging task for many students who have to complete essays on the war on terrorism. Opinions on this matter are completely different both in the United States and outside the country. You will have to study a huge amount of material to elaborate your own position and present it in the essay on the war on terrorism.
Finally, let us discuss briefly some particular aspects that can be considered in essays on the war on terrorism. Read more

How to Write a Short Story Book Report

short story book reportWriting a short story book report is quite easy. You just have to read a story, think it over and make a plan to follow. Below, there are guidelines that will help you create a worthwhile short story book report.

  1. Choose a story
  2. If your tutor did not specify any, choose your favorite story. It is very important for you to be interested in what you will be writing about.

  3. Decide on the manner of writing
  4. It is up to you whether your short story book report will be written in a literary, formal or scientific language. However, you should keep to the chosen manner of writing throughout the whole report.

  5. Write a brief introduction
  6. After you choose a certain style, you are ready to introduce the story for discussion. If you use a literary language in the short story book review, you can start with some rhetorical questions. You can also use aphorisms or quotations for this purpose.

  7. Present the plot of the story briefly
  8. Tell about the main characters and events.

  9. Tell about the author’s main idea
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