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Tips for Writing Essays on Song of Solomon

essays on Song of SolomonSong of Solomon is a wonderful novel written by Toni Morrison. It is a story of a Black American family that faces various challenges, shifting values, conflicts and so on. The protagonist of the novel, Milkman Dead, is a boy looking for himself and ways of making his dreams come true.
So, you have to write an essay on Song of Solomon. It can be a bit challenging. However, our tips on completing this task might be helpful. We strongly recommend you read the novel. Otherwise, you will not get its main ideas and will not be able to explain them properly in your essay on Song of Solomon.
Now, let us discus several ideas for essays on Song of Solomon.
Significance of a family in a person’s life
Milkman Dead has tough conflicts with the members of his family. In your essay on Song of Solomon, you can disclose two of them.

  • A conflict with his father. Milkman hates his father for many reasons. Analyze those reasons. Explain in your essay on Song of Solomon whether you can justify Milkman somehow or you have completely opposite viewpoints.
  • A conflict with his sister. Unlike Milkman who is insecure and knows little about his heritage, his sister Pilate is wise, strong, and is really proud of her heritage. By the way, their conflict is somewhat hidden in the story. Give your opinion about it in the essay on Song of Solomon.

Is it really important to know the history of your ancestors? Actually, it is one of the most significant questions for Milkman. He wants to find his identity. Discuss this issue in your essay on Song of Solomon.
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How to Write a Short Story Analysis Essay

short story analysis essayDuring their study, students have to write not only such serious papers as a marketing strategy essay or a survey essay, but also essays on short stories. A short story essay is an analysis of a certain story. It develops students’ critical thinking and writing skills.
Most probably, you are here to get recommendations or advice on how to write a short story analysis essay. Well, rather a good choice, since this article will help you learn to make short essay analysis essays.

  • Introduce a short story
  • This section of your short story analysis essay should not be too long. One sentence will be quite enough to introduce it.

  • Speak on the key of this story
  • Does its author use satiric, ironic, dramatic or any other key?

  • Discuss the type of narration
  • Where does narration come from? Does the author or the main character tell this story? Tell about it in your short story analysis essay.

  • Explain the theme of your story
  • Do not go deep into details when making this part of the essay on the short story. Just say what it is about.

  • Tell what the main idea of the story is
  • What did the author intend to show? Present the answer to this question in your short story analysis essay.

  • Characterize the central figures of the story

How to Write The Necklace Essay

essays on The NecklaceIt is not a secret that all women like jewels. They may spend funny money on them without even thinking about the consequences. One of such examples may be examined in a short story of Guy de Maupassant The Necklace (or The Diamond Necklace).
This story is one of those with twist ending that amazes readers with its unexpected ending (a woman loses a borrowed necklace, and then buys a new one that costs her 10 years of constant hard work and poor life. At the end, she gets to know that the lost necklace was a forgery and cost nothing!!!)
So, if you read this article, we may guess that you need some help with writing The Necklace essay.
You have two ways of completing this work:

  • Search for some free essays on The Necklace;
  • Read the hints on writing The Necklace essay presented in this article.

Of course, it is easier to find free essays on The Necklace. Still, you deprive yourself of an opportunity to develop your writing skills and analytical thinking. Maybe, it is better to consider our helpful tips on writing The Necklace essay and be ready to create a worthy piece of work. Read more

Writing Megaessays

It seems like you are up to writing megaessays. You should probably feel irritated by constant low grades on your writing and think that you are ready to come up with something truly fantastic. Well, the strong belief of our writing company is that it has to be either a megaessay or nothing at all. That is why our custom written essays are always exclusive. That is why we are ready to share our professional secrets on writing megaessays.
Megaessays. In Search of an Idea.
If it has to be your student’s coursework, then an idea is what has to be the start of your megaessay. Here is how you can come up with ideas:

  1. Brainstorming. This is a classical technique that gave birth to many megaessays. You draw a mind-map, in the center of which is your topic. Related to the topic should be ideas that come to your head when you think of this problem. Draw arrows tying the thoughts to your topic. Do not be afraid to write down as many ideas as actually come to your mind. A megaessay is a result of hard work, not just three paragraphs of blah-blah writing.

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Exclusive Tips for an Essay on Role Model

essays on role modelAlmost everyone, especially young people, have a role model. What is, actually, a role model? Usually, it is a person who serves as an example for you. An example of the way of life, behavior, appearance – these are the roles that you want to take as yours.
Essays on role model are very often assigned as the admission ones. However, it can be a usual assignment in your institution. No matter what the purpose of writing an essay on my role model is, there are several secrets that you should be aware of.
So, here are our exclusive tips for your essay on role model.

  • Usually, students choose some famous and prominent people for their essays on role model. On the one hand, it is pretty clear and there is nothing strange that somebody wants to be like John Kennedy or Michael Jordan. However, we advice you to choose some more “real” people for your essay on role model. You can tell about your close relative, teacher or coach.
  • The main purpose of writing your essays on role model is to tell about the influence that a person has/had on you. In your paper you can include some outstanding ideas, personal traits of this personality, his/her deeds that impressed you.

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Questions to Ask before Writing an Essay on School Violence

essay on school violenceUnfortunately, school violence is a phenomenon that is escalating with a huge speed in all American schools. We have already faced several tragedies and no one actually can predict whether these cases happen again or not.
Essays on school violence can be called really significant ones. Every student (probably those who are thinking of some violent actions) has a possibility to think and evaluate the awful affects and outcomes in their essays on school violence.
It is a pity, but some students will be able to write their essays on school violence from their own experience. Maybe, somebody witnessed or suffered from such violence. Definitely, you do not have to fall into details, but this can give you some interesting and valuable ideas for your essay on school violence.
Anyway, in this article we would like to give several questions that you should ask yourself before starting your essay or coursework writing on school violence. In fact, the answers to these questions can be used for completing essays on school violence.

  • What are the reasons for school violence? What makes some children act cruelly towards their peers?
  • Can school violence actually be stopped? What are the ways of prevention and control over this phenomenon?
  • How can teachers and parents help those violently treated children?
  • What are the ways of protecting yourself?
  • What are the measures that should be taken on the government level to stop school violence?

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