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Business Research Papers: Explore Market Status and Future Jobs

Business research papers can open up all sorts of new vistas for students, as well as garnering good grades. The investigation you do in preparation for a business research paper can uncover career options that you might not have considered, or help you rule out others. Naturally, your professor’s assignment will channel your direction substantially, but in almost any such exercise there is room to reflect your own curiosity. Most instructors are pleased when a student takes on a business research paper with genuine personal interests at heart. Let’s look at some approaches that might help make the task more exciting for you.
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Marketing Research Paper Topics: Choosing the Sphere of Research

Writing a research paper always starts with a certain topic. Choosing a topic for the work determines its content, and, after all, its success. That is why, choosing a marketing research paper topic is a rather responsible task. In order to cope with it, one can follow the advices given in this article.
Your aim is to choose among research paper topics on marketing that is topical and deals with the burning issues of the world market. It means that you need to keep an eye on the latest events in the world economy, which is most convenient to do with the help of news and periodicals like “The Economist”.
A good way to produce sustainable marketing research paper topics is searching through the websites dedicated to marketing. Here is a list of the reliable links, which will lead you to respected sites about marketing and related issues:

Besides the mentioned Internet resources, there are also other places where you can find brilliant topic for your paper. One of the good options is reading some books dedicated to marketing and all the processes that it represents. The most widely books for this purpose are:

  1. The Ultimate Sales Letter: Boost Your Sales with Powerful Sales Letters, Based on Madison Avenue Techniques (by Kennedy, D.)
  2. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word: The Ultimate Resource on How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy from One of America’s Top Copywriters and Mail Order Entrepreneurs (by Sugarman, J.)
  3. 2,239 Tested Secrets For Direct Marketing Success : The Pros Tell You Their Time-Proven Secrets (by Hatch, D.)
  4. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition (by Abraham, J.)

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Fred Smith Term Paper: Interesting Papers on Brilliant People

People have inborn talents that can make them outstanding specialists in certain fields of human activity. If a person develops his/her talents, this individual is sure to succeed in terms of professional career because talented and skillful employees are encouraged and promoted.
The founder of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith, is obviously talented. Original ideas may appear in the brain of every individual though a few would try to realize the assumptions and theoretical issues in practice.
Though you may have some ideas, you will lack experience and knowledge to present those or start a business. A Fred Smith term paper should focus on the life and business achievements of Frederick W. Smith.

  1. You can trace the theoretical aspects of FedEx foundation in a Fred Smith term paper. As all practical actions applied to companies are previously analyzed in theory, you should first touch upon the theory in a Fred Smith term paper.
  2. You can dwell on the initial idea that was realized as the FedEx in your Fred Smith term paper. Moreover, you can find some interviews with the founder of this brand and include some claims by the author of this idea in a Fred Smith term paper.
  3. You can enlarge on the financial aspects related to large-scale projects such as FedEx in your Fred Smith term paper.

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Action Research Papers: Introduction to Action Research

The first mentioning of action research papers may bring a frown to your face. What is action research as such? How to incorporate it in an action research paper? Those are two major questions that have to be answered before any work is done to produce an action research paper. If you are the one experiencing difficulties with action research papers, you have found the right article to read. Below you will find the answers to the basic questions on action research papers.
Action Research Papers: What Are They as Such?
You have probably noticed that the mere name of action research papers combines two significant words. Action research papers involve an action as the subject of study and research as study of the undertaken action. In fact, it is a practical attempt to solve a certain problem by taking actions, and an analysis of these actions in a scientific manner. The purpose of action research papers is thus to improve the efficiency of the further problem-solving actions.
Action Research Papers: The Process of Action Research
According to Stephen Kemmer’s model, action research comprises two cycles, both of which consist of the following steps:

  1. planning;
  2. acting;
  3. observing;
  4. reflecting.

The main difference between the first and the second cycles is that during the second cycle the planning step is undertaken in an improved way, so as to avoid the mistakes of the first cycle.
Another cycle of action research suggested by Gerald Susman involves five steps that are repeated continuously until the desired result is achieved:
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Research Papers on Charles Dickens: How to Stand Out

research paper on Charles DickensBeing a controversial novelist, Charles Dickens is like a casket with a false bottom. And certainly, his personal life, his works and his political and social views provide a fertile ground for academic papers. This is why a research paper on Charles Dickens is a good task for any student – entire monographs can be written about this author. Here we will provide you with several truly brilliant topics for your Charles Dickens research paper that can make you a favorite student of your literature professor.
Charles Dickens research papers: a political aspect
Most of the readers consider Dickens a humorous author of sweet and kind novels, each of which is imbued with a light humor. However, humor and kindness in these books are rather a defensive barrier designed to ease the perception of serious topics, such as economic, social and political conflicts, poverty and other disasters. Tracking the political and social messages in the works of the author is a nice idea for a literary research paper on Charles Dickens.
Charles Dickens research papers: a psychological aspect
Dickens was also a deeply melancholic person who experienced a psychological drama in his youth and suffered an unfathomable mental pain for the rest of his life. This inner tragedy and the tortures of his soul made a great impact on his works and political views and are worth the most thorough examination in a psychology research paper on Charles Dickens.
Charles Dickens research papers: the United States in his works
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Critical Analysis Research Papers: How to Write the Best One

critical analysis of paperFor many students, writing a critical analysis research paper seems like an intimidating task. What do you think is the main reason for this? Actually, it seems to be intimidating because of the very gist of this assignment, which boils down to criticizing something. Yes, you will have to make a critical argument about something: a book, play, movies, or sometimes you may be asked to make a critical analysis of research papers or essays written by other authors.
No matter what the subject of your critical analysis research paper is or what you will have to criticize, you should not feel nervous about it. Although you will have to be critical to the words of some reputable authors, you will just have to analyze their arguments and evidences. It does not mean that your critical analysis research paper will discuss someone’s work negatively.
Let us explain you right now several aspects of writing an excellent critical analysis research paper. Then, you can find and analyze examples of critical analysis research papers
Important questions to answer before writing a critical analysis research paper
We have already mentioned that mainly you will have to evaluate someone’s arguments critically. The following questions can help you do it:

  • What is the author’s background knowledge and understanding of a topic?
  • Is the author a proponent of a certain ideology, beliefs, and ideas?
  • Does the author define all key concepts clearly?
  • Does the author use appropriate evidences to back up his/her arguments?
  • Do you think the author’s arguments are consistent throughout the work?

Structure to follow in critical analysis research papers
After you collect all materials necessary for writing your critical analysis research paper, you will simply need to arrange everything using the proper structure.
Introduction – present the work you criticize and arguments you make about it.
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Research Papers on Italy: Free Tips for Writing a Paper Grandioso

research paper on italyItaly is famous for many things: pizza, fashion, wine, its great artists and sculptors, and definitely for its amazing architecture and sites of attraction that draw millions of tourists every year. In other words, it is a great subject for discussion. However, it seems like you are stuck with your research paper on Italy.
Most probably, you are just confused a little with that great amounts of information and cannot decide what to focus on when writing your research paper on Italy. Well, it is a common problem, and it can be easily solved if you have some good prompts for writing research papers on Italy. You can check them out right now.
Research papers on Italy: where to start
Start with checking what you actually know about Italy. Work on any paper should start with collecting background info, and your research paper on Italy is not an exception. The best thing you can do is read several encyclopedia entries that give all the most important details about the country. When working with encyclopedias, do not forget to make notes about useful sources that you can later use to prepare your research paper on Italy.
Research papers on Italy: how to narrow
After you gather enough background facts, think what interests you the most. What would you like to cover in your research paper on Italy? Do you like Italian cars? Then write about their car industry. Are you fascinated with Italian architecture? Then tell more about some most famous tourist sites like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, Florence and Milan cathedrals, the city of Venice, etc.
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Literature Based Research Papers: Several Starting Points for You

literature based research paperDo you hear about a literature based research paper for the first time? Do you urgently need some explanations, because it is another task from your teacher that you have to complete? Well, do not panic. First, there is actually nothing special about writing literature based research papers. Second, our writers have already prepared some pointers for you on how to get this paper done. So, we begin.
The gist of a literature based research paper
Everything is simple. Literature based research is what your paper will be based on. In its turn, literature based research is based on literary works that you have to find, study, and analyze.
Steps in completing literature based research papers
We have already mentioned that there is nothing special about writing literature based research papers. Do you know why? Because if you can write traditional research papers well and know what steps should be taken, you will not have problems with your literature based research paper either. Anyway, these are the steps to be taken:

  1. formulate a problem;
  2. define suitable research strategies;
  3. collect sources;
  4. study, analyze, and evaluate them;
  5. write your literature based research paper.

Keys to writing effective literature based research papers
Basically, there are two major keys to preparing high-quality literature based research papers.
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Original Research Papers: What Does Originality Mean?

original research paperAt a glance, the requirement to write an original term paper or research paper sounds strange a little. What can originality mean when it comes to making a research project? Should an original term paper or research paper be decorated somehow? Or should you use some original writing techniques? Let us help you figure out everything and answer these questions.
What you can be sure about is that you do not have to use any kind of decorations to prepare original term papers or research papers.
When it comes to originality in research projects, professors do not mean an original or unusual appearance of your works, but their content. Let us give you more details.
Original research papers: meaning #1
Have you ever tried using a customized research paper? Or, have you just visited websites of custom writing companies? All of them promise one important thing – to deliver an original research paper for you, one of a kind, plagiarism free work. What we are talking about is that very often professors just wait for an independent student’s research, a work that they do on their own, honestly, using some research resources, and definitely documenting them in their paper. This is what usually an original research paper means in schools or colleges.
Original research papers: meaning #2
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Legal Research Papers: Essentials of Conducting Research

legal research paperAre you not experienced enough in writing legal research papers? Then, completing this assignment for the first time may seem rather complicated. At least, if you do not know the main rules of preparing legal research papers, you may face a lot of troubles.
However, our writers are glad to share some secrets with you. Particularly, we are going to discuss the main “laws” of conducting research for a legal research paper. The point is that the process of researching legal research paper topics is a bit different from researching topics in other subjects. It is not enough just to read several textbooks, collect arguments, and develop your position on an issue.
Information for legal research papers should be collected from different types of sources that directly relate to a certain field of law and are written by reputable authors.
So, here we describe how legal research paper topics should be investigated and where you should seek for reliable legal information.
Source 1
Studying primary sources is very important if you want to prepare an effective legal research paper. Usually they can be found in libraries. However, you may also use your skills of doing online research, and find useful materials for your legal research paper in special legal online databases such as LexisNexis.
Source 2
Legal encyclopedias (American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secondum, etc.) are extremely helpful sources of materials for legal research papers. Encyclopedias provide thorough overviews of various branches of law and have precious references to many specific cases and primary sources.
Source 3
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