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Research Paper Notecards: a Perfect Method to Collect and Store Information

The research paper notecard system is an old and proven way to collect and store information that later will be used for writing a research paper. In a few words, a research paper notecard can be defined as a card that contains your notes on a certain source, its author, all necessary reference information, and your comments.
In the process of researching a topic and collecting materials, you may end up in rather a big number of research paper notecards. Some of them you will use to prepare your paper, others might be less useful.
If you are not experienced in making research paper notecards, let us explain you some rules.
Always have a new pack of research paper notecards
For every paper you write, make new, lined, and big in size notecards. The size of your cards really matters, since you are going to make comments. Everything should be written clearly and include all details you need.
One research paper notecard – one idea
Do not try to save on your cards and include more than one idea on a research paper card.
Stick to research paper notecard format
Sure, there are no specific formatting rules. However, you still should know and stick to the rules of what should be included into a research paper notecard:
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Research Paper Questions: How to Develop a Good One

research paper questionDeveloping a term paper question or a research paper question is one of the main stages of the writing process. Basically, a term paper or a research paper question explains the purpose of making the project itself.
Creating a good question for a research paper might be tricky. If you are stuck at this stage, check our tips on how to develop research paper questions.
Start with brainstorming
Before you will be able to develop a good research paper question, you need to brainstorm and answer some general questions.

  • What important questions are related to my topic? What areas require further investigation?
  • Will my research contribute to better understanding of the chosen topic?
  • Will my research improve and refine previous research done on the topic?

Brainstorming will help to define the general direction of your research paper question, realize whether the question is worth answering.
From general to specific questions
The next step after brainstorming is narrowing down your research paper question. General research paper questions that usually answer “why” and “how” questions are not that bad. However, giving an answer to such research paper questions might take you too much time. Besides, the paper itself will lack focus, which will make it harder to understand.
So, how can you narrow down your research paper question? First, it is better to start with a topic. The thing is that if you deal with a familiar topic, you can ask more specific questions about it. If you do not have a chance to cover a familiar issue, research it before developing your research paper question.
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Organization of Research Papers: A Pattern to Follow

research paper organizationYou have selected a topic for your research paper. You have probably researched it and collected necessary information. You are almost ready to start writing, but you are not sure how to organize all information and ideas you have.
Well, obviously, you know a little about research paper organization. Actually, there is nothing special about it. Organization of a research paper, in other words, is defined as a structure, a certain pattern you have to follow. This means that you should know and stick to several precise rules, which make research paper organization.
We are glad to present you a typical organization of a research paper right now.
Research paper organization: introduction
Making a strong introduction is what you will start with. We have to mention that an introduction plays an important role in the overall research paper organization. To be specific, this section has several important functions. It:

  • introduces a topic;
  • involves the reader;
  • sets the overall tone of your paper;
  • shows your level of knowledge and interest in the topic.

Research paper organization: body paragraphs
Basically, this is where you have to present all information collected. Sure, you cannot just put everything down on paper. This part also requires certain organization.
First, the body should be split into at least 3 paragraphs. Second, each paragraph should be devoted to a certain idea, develop, and support it. Third, all body paragraphs should be logically connected by means of transitions.
Research Paper organization: conclusions
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The War on Drugs Research Papers: Develop Your Opinion

research paper on drugsThe war on drugs is one of those controversial things students have to discuss in their papers. Obviously, now it is your turn to write a research paper on the war on drugs.
Do you know the main key to writing an effective war on drugs research paper? It is your independent and unbiased opinion. This is what a teacher will be looking for and evaluate in your research paper on the war on drugs.
If you are not familiar enough with the topic, it might take you pretty much time to investigate everything thoroughly and collect material for the war on drugs research paper.
Thus, we are glad to present you several pointers that will help to get started and to write an excellent research paper on the war on drugs.
The war on drugs research papers: pointer 1
If you really want to single out, you have to start with the history of the war on drugs. Everything started in 1960s, but the actual war began after a famous President Nixon’s speech, where he defined drugs as the “#1 public enemy”.
The war on drugs research papers: pointer 2
Besides, it is also necessary to study the legal aspect of the problem. The main document for you to study is The Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, 1970. Another document that is worth discussing in research papers on the war on drugs is The Anti-Drug Abuse Act, 1986.
The war on drugs research papers: pointer 3
Famous personalities and their roles is another important issue you have to consider. Have you heard about Pablo Escobar – the main Columbian drug lord? What other famous Columbian, Mexican drug dealers do you know?
The war on drugs research papers: pointer 4
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Research Papers on Italy: How to Narrow Down the Focus

research paper on italyItaly is a developed European country with really high standards of living, a country that millions of tourists visit every year, and a country that plays a significant role in modern international relations.
Italy is also a country with long and rich history, cultural traditions. Do not forget that Rome was a capital of the legendary Roman Empire.
All this means that your research paper on Italy can be devoted to a great variety of issues, starting from the Roman Empire to current issues. It also means that you might face some difficulties when selecting the main idea of your research paper on Italy.
Thus, we offer you our strategies on how to narrow down the focus and write strong research papers on Italy.
Research papers on Italy: step 1
First, you need to come up with a general field of interest. Thus, take time and decide whether you want to learn more about Italian history, culture or architecture, politics, etc.
Research papers on Italy: step 2
After you define the area of interest, think about specific issues within this field that you, at least, heard about. Highlighting some completely unknown issues in your research paper on Italy is not wise, really.
For instance, you want to investigate history. Write down everything that comes to your mind related to the history of Italy: fascists, Emperor Augustus, the kingdom of Naples, etc.
Research papers on Italy: step 3
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A Research Paper on Football: Free Ideas for a Great Paper

research paper on footballWriting a research paper on football seems to be a bit weird assignment at a glance. You are used to making papers on animal experimentation, abortion, or gay marriages – in other words, something that people care about and that seems to be significant.
Well, although football is not a burning issue today, it is no less significant for millions of people than animal tests. It is simply not a controversial topic and there are not too many football related things to argue about.
By the way, it makes the process of completing research papers on football a bit easier. At least, you do not have to look for some facts and arguments to back up your opinions.
So, there are not too many controversies to talk about in research papers on football. However, there are many other fascinating topics to cover in your research paper on football.
First, you should try to narrow the focus of your research paper on football. Even if you are not a football fan, try to define something that interests you about this game.
We can help you with this. Thus, let us offer a couple of ways to write your research paper on football.
Way #1
Make your research paper on football in the form of a historical overview. Tell about the origins of football and explain why it became so popular in the United States. Provide information about the most famous football teams.
Way #2
If you know a lot about this game, your research paper on football can be devoted to a certain team or even a player.
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American Literature Research Papers: How to Get Started

american literature research paperSo, right now, your major problem with a research paper on American Literature is that you cannot start off. Well, it is a common problem for many students.
You can spend two more hours waiting for inspiration or some exclusive ideas for your American Literature research paper. Or, you can start doing at least something, for instance, brainstorming or reading this article and using some tips we offer.
We suppose that the main trouble of yours is that you have no clue what research papers in American Literature should be about. It is true that American Literature is a broad and general topic. Thus, let us suggest you some ways to narrow down the focus of your American Literature research paper.
Start with your favorite authors
Always keep in mind one rule of writing: cover those things you are interested in and feel passionate about. You have more chances to create an excellent American Literature research paper about your favorite author and one of his/her works.
By the way, you need to decide what your research paper on American Literature will be focused on – either a writer and his/her biography or an analysis of his/her works.
Think about your favorite period in American Literature
What authors and works do you like more? 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century, or the second half of the 20th century? Literature of different periods is characterized by different styles, themes, characters.
Thus, you may focus on a certain period when writing your research paper in American Literature or compare and contrast two works done in different periods.
Think about a certain theme
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Research Papers on Teenage Pregnancy: Free Writing Tips

research papers on teenage pregnancyDo you know how many girls have to make hard decisions about their pregnancy? Do you know what particular decisions they make? Is teenage pregnancy a big problem in the modern society?
If you want to answer these questions in your research paper on teenage pregnancy, you have to find relevant statistics. Statistical data can also be included into your work.
However, it will be only a small part of your teenage pregnancy research paper. What exactly are you going to focus on? Teenage pregnancy is a general issue. You, definitely, need to come up with more specific teenage pregnancy research paper topics.
We can help you with it and provide several writing options.
Writing research papers on teenage pregnancy: option 1
You may use the following plan to complete your paper.
First, explain the main reasons for the problem, e.g. lack of sex education, contraception, etc.
Then, tell about the effects of teenage pregnancy on both young mommies and their babies.
Finally, discuss in your teenage pregnancy research paper how to prevent the problem.
This is quite a simple plan that allows making a general overview of the problem and discussing the basic aspects in research papers on teenage pregnancy.
Writing research papers on teenage pregnancy: option 2
Sure, your research paper on teenage pregnancy can be more focused. Just choose a certain aspect of the problem you are interested in the most. Use the following hints:
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Research Paper Models: What Is so Special about Them?

research paper modelsThe most special thing about the models of research papers is that they can serve as a comprehensive guide to writing for inexperienced students. Each research project is unique, since it is prepared on a certain discipline and covers a specific topic. However, there are some basic principles of writing and arranging research papers. If you want to know more about them, better find and look through research paper models.
Here are more explanations about different models of research papers and ways to use them.
What is a research paper model?
In other words, it can be defined as an example. You may find different examples or models of research papers. You can find papers prepared by other students. These will be the models of research papers on various topics and disciplines.
You may also hit upon MLA or APA model papers that will be really useful if you have some doubts about formatting. Anyway, all research paper models are designed to help you with your own project.
Where can you find models of research papers?
There are two reliable sources of models of research papers. You can go straight to your instructor and ask for good models. Or, you may surf the Web, visit official websites of some institutions, and find research paper models.
Some recommendations for using research paper models
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Perfect Research Papers on Drug Abuse

research paper about drug addictionDrug abuse is not a brand new topic. Still, it is not a reason to think that creating a powerful research paper about drug addiction or drug abuse is impossible. Even the most frequently discussed topics can be viewed from new perspectives.
So, you are working on your research paper about drug addiction. What should you do first? We suggest you start with the following:

  • Outline the main idea of your research paper on drug abuse;
  • Create a thesis statement;
  • Find sources that will help you cover the topic properly.

Let us give you more details on each of the above-mentioned items.
Good ideas for research papers on drug abuse
At a glance, many ideas for research papers on drug abuse might seem boring and not worth considering. What is the way out? Well, you can make a list of all ideas related to drug addiction. Then, pick one issue that you believe is the most disturbing. Here are several idea examples for your research paper on drug abuse:

  1. War on drugs: what pressures does it put on prisons, hospitals, etc?
  2. Why officials are more concerned with arresting drug offenders than providing them with necessary help?
  3. The war on drugs – was its main goal met?

A thesis statement in your research paper on drug abuse
After you pick an issue to highlight in the research paper on drug abuse, develop a strong thesis statement. It should include the most significant aspects of your topic.
Sources for research papers on drug abuse
Actually, you will find a lot of information devoted to this problem. However, we suggest you use scientific journals and articles. You may search Google Scholar to get up-to-date and relevant sources for your research paper on drug abuse.
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