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Marketing Research Paper Topics: Choosing the Sphere of Research

Writing a research paper always starts with a certain topic. Choosing a topic for the work determines its content, and, after all, its success. That is why, choosing a marketing research paper topic is a rather responsible task. In order to cope with it, one can follow the advices given in this article.
Your aim is to choose among research paper topics on marketing that is topical and deals with the burning issues of the world market. It means that you need to keep an eye on the latest events in the world economy, which is most convenient to do with the help of news and periodicals like “The Economist”.
A good way to produce sustainable marketing research paper topics is searching through the websites dedicated to marketing. Here is a list of the reliable links, which will lead you to respected sites about marketing and related issues:

Besides the mentioned Internet resources, there are also other places where you can find brilliant topic for your paper. One of the good options is reading some books dedicated to marketing and all the processes that it represents. The most widely books for this purpose are:

  1. The Ultimate Sales Letter: Boost Your Sales with Powerful Sales Letters, Based on Madison Avenue Techniques (by Kennedy, D.)
  2. Advertising Secrets of the Written Word: The Ultimate Resource on How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy from One of America’s Top Copywriters and Mail Order Entrepreneurs (by Sugarman, J.)
  3. 2,239 Tested Secrets For Direct Marketing Success : The Pros Tell You Their Time-Proven Secrets (by Hatch, D.)
  4. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition (by Abraham, J.)

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Fred Smith Term Paper: Interesting Papers on Brilliant People

People have inborn talents that can make them outstanding specialists in certain fields of human activity. If a person develops his/her talents, this individual is sure to succeed in terms of professional career because talented and skillful employees are encouraged and promoted.
The founder of FedEx, Frederick W. Smith, is obviously talented. Original ideas may appear in the brain of every individual though a few would try to realize the assumptions and theoretical issues in practice.
Though you may have some ideas, you will lack experience and knowledge to present those or start a business. A Fred Smith term paper should focus on the life and business achievements of Frederick W. Smith.

  1. You can trace the theoretical aspects of FedEx foundation in a Fred Smith term paper. As all practical actions applied to companies are previously analyzed in theory, you should first touch upon the theory in a Fred Smith term paper.
  2. You can dwell on the initial idea that was realized as the FedEx in your Fred Smith term paper. Moreover, you can find some interviews with the founder of this brand and include some claims by the author of this idea in a Fred Smith term paper.
  3. You can enlarge on the financial aspects related to large-scale projects such as FedEx in your Fred Smith term paper.

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Essay on Fashion: Does Fashion Promote Tradition or Innovation?

Fashion is something that excites the imagination of modern people, since it is frequently associated with prestige and social success. An essay on fashion provides you with endless topics to explore. If you are lost at all this variety, we come to help you! In this article you will find some highlights on the possible topics for your essay on fashion.
Essay on Fashion: Highlight #1
One of the perspectives you might take on fashion in your essay on fashion is a historical one. When did fashion appear? How did it change through the ages? For your essay on fashion, you can choose to compare and contrast fashion during different periods. Alternatively, you can discuss fashion during the same time period but in different countries.
Essay on Fashion: Highlight #2
What is fashion? Is it a way of establishing a tradition? Or does it promote innovation? Your essay on fashion can aim at resolving this debate. Trace how various elements of fashion came and went, recurring in subsequent periods. What does this recurrence tell about fashion? Does it have any stable elements?
Essay on Fashion: Highlight #3
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Dental Hygiene Essay: Inner World or International Situation?

Student of dental departments should know everything about teeth. Of course, they all admit that preventive medicine is a key to future of the entire humanity. Thus, dental students often write dental hygiene essays. Of course, sometimes students may feel the lack of topics for their papers. What can you consider in your dental hygiene essay?

  1. Well, you may consider peculiarities of dental hygiene in different ages. Thus, you may devote your dental hygiene essay to depicting various measures which should be taken by people in their sixties or seventies.
  2. It can be useful to devote your dental hygiene essay to analyzing hygiene for people having some chronic diseases. Can the correct hygiene prevent relapses?
  3. You can also focus on hygiene promotion in your dental hygiene essay. Thus, you may consider various possibilities of promoting dental hygiene via TV or Internet. For instance, dental products advertising can be a good help in this.
  4. Your dental hygiene essay may deal with the main obstacles depriving people from the correct dental hygiene. Some of these obstacles may be the lack of education, laziness, ignorance, etc.
  5. It will be very interesting to devote your dental hygiene essay to dental hygiene in the countries of the third world. What measures are available for an average African child? Can the situation be improved? Perhaps, it does not need any improvements.

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Cultural Difference Essay: Interesting Ideas on Topics

There are many cultures in the world; some countries include several cultural movements at once. Some people understand the differences between cultures, whereas others try not to pay attention to the differences in order to avoid conflicts.
However, people that are not aware of the cultural differences are more likely to be involved into the conflicts than those who know at least the basic principles existing in other cultures. As a rule, people with shallow knowledge and those who are likely to follow others in their wrong assumptions believe the stereotypes and prejudices about representatives of other cultures.
Culture shock is one of the concepts that are sure to affect people unaware of different cultures. A cultural difference essay is likely to approach all issues relevant to other cultures and the most common mistakes in assessing other’s traditions and vision of the world.

  • You can dwell on the stereotypes existing in the world in terms of eating habits in your cultural difference essay.
  • It is possible to focus on the ways of greeting each other by friends, colleagues, partners in different countries in a cultural difference essay.
  • You may emphasize the problems relevant to culture shock with people that tend to travel a lot in your cultural difference essay.
  • Customs and traditions present another topic for a cultural difference essay.
  • Discuss the ways of educating people in different countries in terms of cultural differences in your cultural difference essay.

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Action Research Papers: Introduction to Action Research

The first mentioning of action research papers may bring a frown to your face. What is action research as such? How to incorporate it in an action research paper? Those are two major questions that have to be answered before any work is done to produce an action research paper. If you are the one experiencing difficulties with action research papers, you have found the right article to read. Below you will find the answers to the basic questions on action research papers.
Action Research Papers: What Are They as Such?
You have probably noticed that the mere name of action research papers combines two significant words. Action research papers involve an action as the subject of study and research as study of the undertaken action. In fact, it is a practical attempt to solve a certain problem by taking actions, and an analysis of these actions in a scientific manner. The purpose of action research papers is thus to improve the efficiency of the further problem-solving actions.
Action Research Papers: The Process of Action Research
According to Stephen Kemmer’s model, action research comprises two cycles, both of which consist of the following steps:

  1. planning;
  2. acting;
  3. observing;
  4. reflecting.

The main difference between the first and the second cycles is that during the second cycle the planning step is undertaken in an improved way, so as to avoid the mistakes of the first cycle.
Another cycle of action research suggested by Gerald Susman involves five steps that are repeated continuously until the desired result is achieved:
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4 Page Essay Writing: Importance of Word Limitation in a Work

When a student is limited in words, for example, while writing a 4 page essay, some part of work may seem a bit difficult for him/her. It is necessary to choose the best thoughts, use the most successful examples, and involve the reader. There are many different ways of how it is possible to develop a 4 page essay, and in this article, you will find a good and reliable plan on how to organize your thoughts.
You have to divide your 4 page essay into several logical parts and think about word count for each part.
A 4 page essay is usually about 1000 – 1500 words. So, let use evaluate this space:

  1. 150 words – Introduction;
  2. 1200 words – Body:
    • 100 words – general evaluation of a topic;
    • 50 words – 1st idea;
    • 200 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 50 words – 2nd idea;
    • 250 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 50 words – 3rd idea;
    • 200 words – supporting paragraph;
    • 200 words – evaluation of findings;
    • 100 words – personal attitude to an issue;
  3. 150 words – Conclusion.

You need to consider the sources to be used in your 4 page essay.
As a rule, tutors ask to use a number of sources to defend the chosen position. To create a powerful 4 page essay, you have to find and cite interesting sources. Mind the style required for your 4 page essay and cite each source accordingly.
You should use interesting ideas for your 4 page essay.
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PhD Dissertation Proposal: Specific Guidelines for Writing

Writing PhD dissertation proposals, students should be aware of the information that they may spend much time and effort before handing in a paper. We decided to provide students with the specific information on PhD dissertation proposal writing.
With the purpose to give students the most necessary and credible information, we conducted a research and asked for consultation about the problem how PhD dissertation proposals should be written. The professional writers who deal with such tasks every day agreed to share their personal experience and introduced us with their knowledge. We, in turn, want to deliver their message to students who try to cope with the task now.
Guide for writing PhD dissertation proposals

  1. Students should conduct a research and check the topic they want to discuss. It is necessary to understand whether the topic is widespread or not, whether there was any discussion or not and it is going to be a student’s original research.
  2. Students should check the structure of their PhD dissertation proposals. It is significant to remember that the major parts of PhD dissertation proposal are the introduction, the problem statement, the literature review, the methodology, the outcomes and significance, the timelines, the figures or tables, if necessary, and the bibliography.
  3. Then, students should conceptually divide 20 pages of the PhD dissertation proposal (the required norm) and consider how may pages each part is going to cover.
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Nuclear War Essay: The Most Dangerous Weapons in Our World

There are many dangerous things in our world. However, human beings are considered to be the most dangerous and bloodthirsty predators on the Earth. We should live in harmony with nature because we are living organisms as well as all other representatives of fauna and flora on this planet.
We do not think about the consequences of our actions and we regret when it is too late to change something. People are smart and know how to avoid many unpleasant things. Unfortunately, we rarely use the wisdom of our forefathers and take into account their negative experience of warfare and conflicts that should be solved in a peaceful manner. A nuclear war essay is supposed to be an academic paper about the nuclear or atomic war.
Topics for a Nuclear War Essay
We should bear in mind that consequences of usage of nuclear bombs are irreversible.

  • You should write about the danger of this kind of weapons in your nuclear war essay.
  • You may dwell on the lives of ordinary people before and after the nuclear warfare in your nuclear war essay.
  • Focus on the competition between the global superpowers in terms of the amount of nuclear bombs in your nuclear war essay.
  • Safety of our society is in danger and this cannot be left without any emphasis in your nuclear war essay. Analyze the attitude of ordinary people or the world leaders to the necessity of using nuclear weapons in your nuclear war essay.
  • Discuss some alternative ways other than nuclear weapons for solving different conflicts on the global level in your nuclear war essay.

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Nickel and Dimed Essay: How to Discuss the Book in Your Essay

Writing essays on books is an assignment that many students enjoy. Writing a Nickel and Dimed essay will be very interesting: this book has touched upon several important questions and has been perceived quite controversially. In this article, we offer you some hints on writing a Nickel and Dimed essay.
Nickel and Dimed Essay: Essence
You can write your Nickel and Dimed essay in the form of a book review. Your task will be to:

  1. Provide a summary of the book so that a reader will know what it is about
  2. Evaluate the book from different points of view

Book reviews are valuable because of their authors’ own opinion. Thus, in your Nickel and Dimed essay, you can provide your genuine opinion about the book. Having read people’s reviews on Nickel and Dimed, you will see that there are absolutely opposite opinions about the book.
However, the unwritten law of book review writing states: avoid being absolutely critical. Even if you disliked the book, try to find something that you can evaluate positively in your Nickel and Dimed essay.
Nickel and Dimed Essay: Content
In your Nickel and Dimed essay, you can touch upon the following issues:

  1. Nickel and Dimed as an example of undercover journalism. Do you think that Barbara Ehrenreich’s attempt to undercover was successful?
  2. The book touches upon several issues that are important for many people. In your Nickel and Dimed essay, formulate key ides that the author provides and comment them. Do you agree or disagree with Ehrenreich?
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